1 What is the prime objective of a resume? 

Ans. If you’re relatively new to the job searching segment, you might believe that a resume is a primary document that helps you get hired for a specific job position. Well, that’s not exactly how it works. A resume is undoubtedly the document you use to apply for job posts, along with a customized cover letter where required. Although, the real purpose of a resume is to impress employers you meet so they’ll ask you for a job interview.

Q.2 What precisely should be included and excluded from the resume? 

Ans. When it comes to what you should include in your resume, things like your educational background, work history, career goals/summary, earned credentials/achievements, and contact details are must-haves and a few other relevant information. Although, ensure to leave out certain information that should not be revealed to employers as you might be exposing yourself to potential discrimination, especially your age and marital status.

Q.3 What are ‘keywords’, and how are they used in resumes? 

Ans. Do you know about the term ‘resume scanning’ and how it’s related to keywords? Now that most employers go through resumes electronically, you need to know how to adapt your document accordingly. When you get in touch with our trusted Resume Writers, you can increase your resume’s keyword density and enhance your chances of being noticed by big employers.

Q.4 Is it important to acquire resume services from a professional? 

Ans. Even though everyone can make their own resume or CV, not everyone can do it well. While even experienced resume writers need the assistance of an editor, job seekers must avail trusted services of a professional resume writer like us. We believe that it takes only 6 seconds for hirers to go through an application and decide if they should further invite you for an interview or not. Thus, you need to get a resume or CV in the most efficient way possible. Our skilled resume writers are skillful and well-versed in doing just that. In fact, we’re adept at exhibiting your core skills and achievements.

Q.5 Why is it necessary to get a professionally written Linkedin profile? 

Ans. LinkedIn is considered one of the world’s top social networking sites. Most importantly, more than 90% of managers use online websites to look for candidates. Thus, a successful resume will help you extend your reach and make the most of the LinkedIn platform. We can help you create a profile from scratch or make edits to your existing profile to avail benefits of keywords and build your reliable expert network.